St Elias Specialty Hospital-The First of Its Kind in Alaska

St. Elias Specialty Hospital is Alaska’s first Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH/LTCH). We are accredited by The Joint Commisssion. We are Medicare-certified and the only hospital of its kind in Alaska.

St. Elias Specialty Hospital is a joint venture with Providence Health System and BridgeCare Hospitals. The hospital has 60 beds, the majority private rooms.  The facility features state of the art equipment to provide extended inpatient acute care for patients.

At St. Elias Specialty Hospital, we provide customized, physician-driven programs for patients requiring longer stays in an acute care environment due to multiple or complex medical conditions. We are not a permanent placement for patients; rather we are an answer for many patients who are acutely ill and need to take the first steps towards rehabilitation.

Most of our patients are admitted from a traditional acute care hospital, often from the Intensive Care Unit. We have also admitted directly from skilled nursing facilities and physicians' offices. Families of patients are welcome to contact us to see if we might be an option for their loved one.

The Flu and You

Flu season has arrived and St. Elias is currently in the process of vaccinating it’s staff against the flu virus. Our Flu campaign this year is entitled, “Who will you protect?”.

Being safe from the flu is as simple as 1-2-3. First, make sure to get vaccinated. Second, take everyday preventative actions to protect yourself such as hand washing and covering your mouth when you sneeze. Third, if you feel sick, be sure to call you doctor. There are antiviral drugs that may reduce your symptoms or protect you from a long illness.

Last year, 85% of St. Elias employees chose to be vaccinated. Our staff is committed to keeping patients and their loved ones safe from the effects of the flu. For more information visit

We are committed to providing for the specific needs of our healthcare community. Our employees and physicians work together to create an environment of excellence, to provide outstanding patient care, and to strive for consistent customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

The vision of St Elias Specialty Hospital is to set the community standard in Long Term Acute Care Hospital services.


St. Elias Hospital

4800 Cordova Street

Anchorage, AK  99503


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Phone Numbers

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(907) 565-CARE  (2275): Patient Referral



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