St. Elias Specialty Hospital Renal Dialysis Program

St Elias Specialty Hospital Renal Dialysis ProgramPatients admitted to St. Elias Specialty Hospital are occasionally in need of Renal Dialysis. This may be due to a temporary condition or due to chronic kidney failure. Hemodialysis is when blood is circulated along specialized membranes for several hours with a dialysis machine controlling the speed. This process removes undesirable electrolytes, fluid and waste products from the patient's blood. The patient's "cleaned" blood is returned to the patient’s body.

Dialysis is usually done three times a week. The number of treatments and the length of the treatment depends upon the doctor’s (Nephrologist) orders. The dialysis unit at St. Elias is overseen by a staff Nephrologist and is managed by a specialized team of nurses and technicians. In addition, the hospital has on-sight testing capabilities to determine blood chemistries and blood count.

There is also a highly trained support staff skilled in the care of AV fistulas, grafts, and catheters used for dialysis access. Our dietitian is also an important member of the dialysis team since these patients must monitor intake and output closely. Dialysis patient's are required to follow a special diet that limits protein, sodium, potassium and phosphate. Our in-house pharmacy support helps patients maintain control with medications. Case Management is an important function for those patients who require renal dialysis. If patients are discharged from St. Elias and will need outpatient dialysis or will be doing in-home dialysis; our case managers will help them with that transition. We are pleased at St. Elias to offer this service, since it is a hardship for our patients to travel to other facilities for this care.


  • Acute Kidney Failure 
  • Chronic Kidney Failure


  • Hemodialysis 
  • Peritoneal Dialysis 
  • State of the Art Dialysis Center 
  • Skilled Dialysis Nurses 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Consulting Nephrologist 
  • Registered Dietitian



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