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St Elias Specialty Hospital Wound Care ProgramSt Elias Wound Care Team

The Wound Care Team at St. Elias Specialty Hospital specializes in a variety of wound conditions including ostomies, wound dehiscence, diabetic ulcers, pressure or decubitus ulcers, burns and surgical wounds both pre and post operative. Patients admitted for wound care may have other existing conditions such as cardiac, pulmonary, neuromuscular and renal diseases. Those who are diabetic may be particularly prone to wounds, may have improper healing, may be more at risk for infection and may even have had an amputation. Aging, malnutrition, immobility and peripheral vascular disease can also play a role in improper wound healing.

Our Wound Care team includes newly certified wound nurses Paige Ganyard, RN, BSN, WCC and Dawn Marineau, RN, BSN, WCC. 


  • Diabetic ulcers 
  • Post operative wound complications/ infections 
  • Amputation 
  • Improper wound healing 


  • Professional skin care evaluation team and wound staging 
  • Specialized wound therapy nurses 
  • Infection Disease physician for consultation 
  • Nutritional counseling IV therapy (antibiotics, TPN) 
  • Family and patient conferences/education 
  • State of the art wound therapy equipment to facilitate healing 
  • Program Specialties 
  • Infectious Diseases 
  • Care Management 
  • Psychology 
  • Clinical dietician 
  • Skilled Nurses 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Physical therapy to increase strength, mobility, encourage circulation and wound healing


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