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St Elias Specialty Hospital Patients and Family MembersWelcome to St. Elias Specialty Hospital!   Thank you for choosing us to help you through your medical recovery.   Please click on a tab to the left or below for more information.

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St. Elias Specialty Hospital is a different kind of hospital. We care for patients whose complex medical conditions require that they be in a hospital environment for longer than the typical hospital stay.

At St. Elias, a team of healthcare professionals will be assembled to develop and carry out a care plan designed specifically for you. Your team will work together with you, your physicians and your family to create this plan, and they will meet on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving the high quality healthcare you deserve.

We at St. Elias recognize that you are a unique individual with a life to which you are eager to return. Our goal is to help you reach your optimum level of wellness, and in the healing process to treat you with dignity, integrity and respect.

We know there is no place like home. However, because you will be with us for a while, we have made special accommodations to make your stay at St. Elias as pleasant as possible. From the homelike decor of your private patient room, to the smiling faces of your nurses and therapists each day, we consider you our guest and you can expect us to deliver top-notch healthcare services.

Again, our sincere thanks for choosing St. Elias Specialty Hospital.


St. Elias Hospital

4800 Cordova Street

Anchorage, AK  99503


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