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St Elias Specialty Hospital Other Services

Case Management

Patients who come to St. Elias often have a long road to recovery which often continues after hospital discharge. The case manager begins a discharge plan at admission with the team which includes the patient, patient family members, physicians, therapists and hospital staff. This is to get the patient on the right course of management in preparation for the safest and best discharge. Case managers are a source of information about programs and therapies available following discharge. They assist the families in understanding the "big picture" regarding their loved one and help with communication among the disciplines and patients.


We are able to quickly meet the pharmaceutical needs of our patients through our on-site pharmacy including pain control, antibiotic therapy and total parenteral nutrition.

Spiritual Services

Many of our patients request the need for spiritual services. We have Chaplains on site at St. Elias almost daily and on call 24 hours a day. During their stay at St. Elias, patients and families may also invite their own spiritual advisors to visit and participate in their recovery.

Social Worker

St.Elias has a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) on staff to help patients and their families since many of them need some type of guidance and counseling . The social worker begins on admission to help patients and families adjust to their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The LCSW also works with the interdisciplinary team to help the patient and family adapt to changes in the plan of care including the discharge plan. The goal of the social worker at St. Elias is to tie together the spiritual, social, environmental and medical needs of the patient to help patients and families through the often difficult emotional and financial stress of illness. Our social worker can be instrumental in helping to find resources that can make life after St. Elias an easier transition.


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